The Mont-Blanc Scientific Atlas

A vast scientific project


At a time of major changes due to global warming, some scientists are projecting for the first time the evolution patterns of a mountain range.
The Mont Blanc has been a field of scientific experimentation and discovery since its conquest in the 18th century. Heirs of this great History, we are here presenting the results of a rigorous scientific work in which the most important research labs in biodiversity, glaciology and climatology of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps were involved, under the coordination of the Chamonix Research Center for Altitude Ecosystems CREA.

A database to rebuild the consistency of and accessibility to the enormous wealth of scientific studies led in the Mont Blanc Mountains in glaciology, climatology and ecology.

The results of studies, field observations and unique modeling tools, to present in a simple but scientific way the dynamics of the natural habitats and glaciers of the Mont Blanc, under the close influence of climate.